September Scooter’s Savings Club Winner

Scooter with Piggy Bank

Jessica Wins September Scooter Savings Drawing! Congrats to Jessica, winner of the piggy bank filled with $50! You Rock! Keep on saving with Scooter! Don’t forget…each deposit of $3+ you make in September & October qualifies you for a drawing for a Winter Surprise Basket! Winner announced in November. Check out Scooter’s Page for Kids!… read more

VB&T Celebrates 45th Anniversary

Valley Bank & Trust (VB&T), your locally owned, community bank, is celebrating its 45th anniversary on September 13, 2016. Opened by James O’Dell in 1971 as Platte Valley Bank, the bank has grown to serve Brighton, Hudson, Denver, Strasburg, Dacono, and Westminster, and is still locally owned and operated. While O’Dell serves as Chairman of… read more

Salazar Celebrates 20th Anniversary with VB&T

Julia Salazar celebrated 20 years with Valley Bank & Trust (VB&T) on Friday, August 29th. Salazar started in the loan department, and when Donna Petrocco became President in 2000, she began to work more closely with her. She transitioned to Executive Assistant at that point. Salazar works with the board and the executive officers at… read more

Age in Place with These Tips

7 Pointers to Help Seniors Live at Home Longer  The vast majority of older Americans want to remain in their homes as they grow older, also known as aging in place. Valley Bank & Trust (VB&T) is offering the following tips for those considering this option:  Take a hard look at your finances. Arrange a… read more

Improve Your Credit Score with These Tips

7 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score An important step to finding a home, whether you’re renting or buying, is ensuring that you have a good credit history. Valley Bank & Trust (VB&T) suggests the following tips to improve your credit score. Request a copy of your credit score report – and make sure it… read more

Saving for a Down Payment

6 Tips for Saving for Your Down Payment  Before you can make the transition from renting your home to owning your home, you will need to have a substantial down payment, typically 5 to 20 percent of the home’s value. Valley Bank & Trust suggests the following tips to help save for it: Develop a… read more

Avoid Online Fraud with These Tips

Avoid Online Fraud with These Tips Every year, millions of consumers fall victim to cybercrime. According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center, in 2014, consumers lost more than $800 million from scams initiated through the web. In recognition of Internet Safety Month in June, Valley Bank & Trust (VB&T) is highlighting seven tips to… read more

Saving Money with a Green Home

Make your home green while saving money with these tips! Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, chances are you care about protecting the environment – and saving money. Here are some tips from Valley Bank & Trust (VB&T) to help you do both. Location, location, location efficiency. Carefully consider the location of your home…. read more