Personal Savings Accounts

Valley Bank & Trust wants to help you watch your money grow. Whether you’re saving for future medical expenses, college or vacation, we have the Personal Savings account that is best for you.

 Personal SavingsScooter's Savings ClubOld-Fashioned Christmas ClubCertificates of DepositCollege Bound CDIndividual Retirement Accounts
Description:A convenient way to save and still have easy access to funds.Designed to help kids under the age of 18 learn to save. Lower opening balance and no minimum balance.A convenient way to save for the holidays.Offers the highest rate of return. Requires the funds remain the the account for a specific term.A special CD developed by Valley Bank & Trust designed for saving for higher education.Allow savings for retirement at a fixed rate of interest. Tax advantages vary depending on type of IRA.
Minimum Opening Balance:$100$25$25$250 or greater$100$250
Interest Rates:Request rate information
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